Mother Eulogy

Giving A Mother Eulogy

Celebrate Her Life With Friends And Family

A mother eulogy should be a celebration of the life of the deceased. This is sometimes easy to understand but difficult to achieve when you, as the speaker, are suffering the pain of loss. This can be particularly true when the person you are celebrating is your mother. Eulogy writing does not have to be a tricky process when you use it as a means of grieving and healing.

Not A Graded Assignment

One of the first things you need to remember when writing your mother eulogy is that eulogies are not essays to be turned in and graded. You will not be judged on your grammar and syntax; no one will critique your topic sentences or the length of your paragraphs. It is your job to talk about and celebrate your mother; eulogy traditions are loose in this area, and you can create the speech you feel is fitting to you and to her.

The Mother You Remember

You may choose to talk about your memories of your mother; eulogy examples are filled with memorable stories that might be funny, poignant, or simply meaningful. Make your eulogy anecdotal, and it will be a little easier to keep your emotions in check as you move through your speech. Discuss her habits, her quirks, her hobbies, and her passions. As you touch on various details, you will remind friends and family of all the reasons they loved her and will miss her.

The Many Sides Of Your Mother

Whether you remember your mother as a great woman, a free spirit, a loving and caring nurturer, or some combination of these, this is your chance to tell everyone who she was and what that meant to her. As you write your mother eulogy, consider the following aspects of her life:

  • Did she have a career?
  • Did she volunteer in the community?
  • Did she love to read, knit, rock climb, travel?
  • What were her passions?
  • What was her childhood like?
  • What was life like living with her?

Talking about her life in your mother eulogy will help your listeners come to terms with your mother’s death, and will help you do so as well.

Stages Of Her Life

People’s lives change and they go through seasons and stages, from childhood to adolescence, into young adulthood and then middle age and so on. Your mother played many roles throughout her life:

  • Daughter
  • Sister
  • Girlfriend
  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Grandmother
  • Friend

Your mother eulogy can touch on all of these in celebration of all the people she was. If finding the right words is not your strong suit, you can spend some time gathering thoughts and stories from people who knew her in each of these roles and string them together into a single “We’ll all miss you, Mother” eulogy that will not soon be forgotten.

Lay Her To Rest

Finally, your mother eulogy should close with the end of the chapter. Whether you are standing in a churchyard, a funeral home, or your own family room, be sure to mark this occasion as something special and even sacred. Your mother eulogy should close with a good bye and promise never to forget her, the lessons she has taught, and the love she has given.